Production Process

Production Process

The process of total renewal of tyres includes seven stages and uses peak technology, aiming at the ensurance of absolute precision. The reliability and the continuity of the process constitute the final objectives for the improvement of quality, performances and productivity.

Inicial Inspection

Evaluation of the incoming casing.

Maximization of vehicle’s use time disposal, minimization of the vehicle’s time inactivity
Detection of possible defects and prevention of future damage on road.

PELMA SA uses the best technology of undevastating inspection in order to locate the most likely problems and they contribute the prevention of future damage in the street.


Perfect contouring restores the rolling dynamics of the new tyre.

The buffing process of PELMA SA, does not remove only the remains of tyre. The perfect outline restores the initial points of bending and decreases tendencies. This increases the reliability. From absolutely centered plates the result of the tyres are potentially more roundness even from new. A comfortable itinerary decrease the vibrations and the tiredness of driver and increase the productivity.

Skiving and repairs….

….for improved reliability and duration

All the visible but also speculated deteriorations that are located, are examined, restored and repaired carefully. At this way, the reliability increasing but also the possibility of further retread.

Tread preparation and building
Promises a longer and more durable tyre use.
Re-curingo sole and kousion concrete length is applied in the executive. The electronic technology that we use guarantees that the material is placed isomerically in the tyre with the right tendency. 
Result: better balance, better union, better tyre.

Enveloping and curing… Constructional force

….for improved reliability and duration

As is used curring sole, is required vulcanization only for the sole and the executive.

Before the import in the booth of vulcanization, the modaz tyre is retained softly by flexible file that causes distortion, neutralising consequently the tendency on the executive.

Result: more powerful stick from the initial executive, exceptional reliability and real possibility of extension of total duration use of tyre and reduction the total cost of lifelong duration.

Final inspection…
…and a new tyre life starts